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Hey! I'm Mils, thanks for stopping by...

I'm passionate about making academic study easy. It absolutely can be! I share everything that I've learned in achieving my First Class Honours degree and PhD. Since then I've been a specialist civil servant (the first social anthropologist to work for the UK government; consultant (in house and self-employed) commissioned by 10 Downing Street, the Royal Household, the Governor of the Bank of England and many others.
For the past 10 years, I've been teaching in higher education - currently as a senior lecturer in a business school. I know that academic study can be one of the most challenging and frustrating experiences an intelligent person can experience. This is mainly because lecturers make learning massively more difficult than it needs to be.  But the instant you think of assignments as showcases you begin to win. I have honed a totally unique approach - forged in a UK top 3 / world top 5 university - working with hundreds of MBA, MSc, PhD, DBA students. I've enabled learners to turn around failing projects, setting them up for success with smart research questions, supported the development of amazing methodologies for research, inspired powerful writing .... and much more!
On this site you'll find heaps of resources to enable YOU to achieve your best: including the world's best and free-est template to plan ANY assignment withPlease also subscribe to my newsletter for the hottest hints, tips and ideas!
I'm The Academic Pirate because I tackle the established wisdom about education fearlessly + ruthlessly.
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Dr Veri Boring

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This sort of academic drones on a lot about themselves. They will probably only tell you how you could have done better once in an assignment when you've already submitted. Insists on being addresses as "Dr Boring".

Doesn't use the telephone.

Social media is a mystery.

Perpetually busy but also a chain-smoker.


Dr Mils Hills

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Call me Mils! I'm interested in learners and what they want to achieve. With a First Class MA (Hons) and a PhD from the University of St Andrews - I relish demonstrating how study can be super easy and super fun. 

My real passion is helping people achieve their goals through the genuinely transformative power of education for personal or professional development.

It all begins by building confidence. 

Prof Ova Complicated

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Explanations are always available and expand to fit the time available. This type of academic has time but no ability to listen nor any empathy.

Has a long list of things "you must read" but no ideas about how you can work smarter not harder.

Loves committees.

Wins prizes for student support for reasons that are not entirely clear.


Building Your Confidence - Unlocking Intellectual Capital - Innovating Beyond Measure

All About Mils



Industrious, forward thinking and compassionate, Prof Mils has been instrumental in guiding me towards completion of my MBA. His leadership and thought provoking ideas allowed me to immerse myself in ‘outside the box thinking’ regarding my dissertation. His support has not stopped with my graduation as he continues to help in development of my professional life. A sounding board that offers realistic and achievable aims at stretch, Prof Mils has mastered the art of getting the best out of an individual who is willing. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to not only undertake further academic studies but also professional growth. A mentor whose advice I will continue to seek.

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