"I made more progress in 30 minutes with you than in a year with my lecturer"

This bespoke coaching service is for those who require specific, ongoing and intensive support and input. For example, perhaps you are struggling to achieve direction in your studies or the feedback and support from a university-assigned supervisor is unhelpful or insufficient.
If you've been struggling with making progress on an MSc, MBA, PhD, DBA or other programme - I'm the solution!

I won't write a word of your work, but I will empower you to absolutely sail through your work even against tight deadlinesMy advice and guidance could be tailored at, for example:

  • Helping you recover from falling behind in your studies

  • Helping you rapidly create a new and strong research question

  • Ensuring that - despite the loss of a supervisor or having reached a total stop in your studies - you succeed

  • Getting to be relaxed about - and organised with - a research plan

  • Overcoming what think is a disaster or total block in your work

Specific and value-adding feedback and pointers can be provided on: 

  • Literature / concepts / models to use (including identifying perfect articles to draw on)

  • Explanations of complex issues

  • List of key areas to improve

  • Interpretation of feedback you have received from one or more of your existing supervisors so you can act on it much more easily

You will get amazing value from 3 x 30 minute sessions (or equivalent).

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