Totally free study hacks and hints to enable you to achieve improved grades, easier progress and less stress in your studies. These are not random 'motivational speaker' claims but advice proven in my daily work & that enable 100s of learners a year to graduate with Distinctions or Merits or ace their PhD / DBA studies.  


zero drift

Every element of your essay or dissertation must serve a purpose directly related to the question or task that you are addressing.  Check (often) that your work remains aligned with the task.


total clarity

Every sentence in your assignment must be easy to understand by the actual target reader. Do not write in a style that is alien to you but which you think 'is academic'. Simple and clear is  better than high falutin' and wrong.


structure is key

Making your assignment flow in a way that delights the target reader is critical. You are presenting a compelling case - make it irresistible to be won over by it.


check benchmarks

Be absolutely clear from minute one of your preparation for an assignment that you are meeting all and every benchmark in terms of Assessment Criteria, word count, layout, format, required reading, etc..


ignore the haters

With academic study, others have different approaches. That's fine. But don't be swayed from your plan unless you think the suggestions made by others will deliver value to you. Don't fear their judgement when you go different. 


be kind to you

You cannot possibly perform academic work well (and meet your other commitments) if you are not well-rested, nourished, hydrated and with appropriate 'headspace'. Take breaks, set reasonable targets for achievement. Have fun. 

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