Helping Academics

Are you an academic - in higher or further education?

Want to make things easier for yourself AND your learners?

I can take you from B to A - this is RocketDocs!

I can help you:

  1. Improve your social media visibility and impact

  2. Grow your confidence in using the latest freeware and low-cost technology

  3. Enhance your skills in engaging with and empowering students of all levels and in all subjects

  4. Minimise your work-flow by using conversations and engagement platforms to make student support much more efficient

  5. Connect with journalists and other influencers to expand the breadth of those who consume your research outputs AND value your perspective on things that are in the news

  6. Reach out to policy-makers .... and much more

This is a recording of some coaching I ran for my colleagues - encouraging them to leverage social media, undertake novel approaches to research and generally gain confidence!

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