Open to anyone with a UK address over the age of 19, you can complete a programme of work leading to graduation with a FULL Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree in around 2 years. No first degree needed. 100% online. Friendly support that treats you as a person and builds your confidence and skill-set in smashing academic study. Oh, and it requires around 5 hours a week max: the PowerHour.

A Masters degree is an elite qualification. Such degrees are required to progress beyond a certain point in almost every company and for visas to some countries. Even being ON an MBA pathway is recognised by many companies as a differentiator between candidates and often surprises and delights recruiters when they see this on a CV. For you, progress will provide you with extraordinary level of confidence in your abilities and 'credentialise' your skills and intellect.

Year One involves 11 units on the Pearson EDEXCEL Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership (EDSML). This is a qualification in its own right. And is 120 credits. This costs £2,625 in total with Minerva Elite Performance.*

Year Two involves joining the MBA top-up programme at my University - the University of Northampton. 2 modules comprise this - a short essay and a business research project (solving a problem, creating a new concept, designing a consultancy. You graduate with a regular MBA degree certificate. This costs £3,100.**

If you are in or have left the UK military - you may use Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) which reduce the costs of the entire MBA to only 20% of the cost (less than £1.5k). For a full, real, genuine MBA!

Both Minerva and Northampton are very proud signatories of the military covenant and so offer particularly positive and accessible support to serving and veteran personnel.

For more information on the Extended Diploma and the pathway as a  whole - please contact Rachel at

For more information on the MBA 'top-up' - please contact me!

For encouragement in your abilities to ace this study - keep following, listening to and watching my content!

* Minerva Elite was designed within the Northampton MBA top-up project by my excellent student Guy Batchelor!

** Other universities are available - obviously, the programme I run is the best. It is also the largest in the UK and the best value. Compare my approach and accessibility this to other ones and see if you can find out and communicate with the academic(s) involved with them. There's a challenge.

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