Essay Template

You'll see books full of advice and flowcharts; hundreds of templates on Etsy and eBay (many of which are incredibly pretty) - but they are not very good. They are not a handrail to get better grades and invest less time than you would otherwise.

My approaches do both.

Maybe not as pretty though. Oh well, you can't have it all!

I'm genuinely passionate about making education accessible, understandable and open to all. As well as helping people achieve their best grades possible.

I could no doubt have run speaking tours (online!) and sold hundreds of copies of this at £5 or $8 a throw ..... but actually, I don't need money that desperately. I don't want to profit from people struggling with study!

So here's me 'giving back' to the universe!

Please let me know what you make of this guide and how you choose to adapt it by joining discussions in the Community forums.

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